Terms and Condition Welcome to UKM FUN Confession page! This is anonymous platform for you guys to share your moments as UKM's student.please do not post any comments that cause personal attacks, sensitive religious politics or cyber violence on this platform. Please think twice before posting anything. gratitude! Any application that does not comply with the above rules will not be accepted. grateful! 欢迎来到国大趣味论坛! 这是一个提供给所有国大学生匿名发布言论的平台。但是请不要在此平台发布会引起任何人身攻击、敏感宗教政治或网络暴力的言论。在发布任何言论前请三思而后行。感激! 任何不符合以上条规恕不受理。感恩!

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