Other than Mandarin, Malay and English, confessions are welcome as well. If you want to make an advertisement, please post on our page instead. Please have a look at our information before you confess. House Rule: We will delete your submission if 1. Publicity, advertising, and propaganda for commercial, politics, or any groups unless permission granted from admin 2. Repetitive and meaningless topics 3. Plagiarism and without mentioning the source 4. Content Farm 5. Offensive content may breach the Facebook community standard and law of Malaysia (e.g., Hate speech related to race relations and religion, bullying, invasion of privacy, sexual activity, violence, etc.) * We will censor part of the personal information in any submission related to criticism to avoid the bully. ** Please do not misuse this platform for asking questions; try to Google or ask your senior/friends/families first. * Please be responsible for your submission and life; trying to solve your own problem instead relied on us. ** Ixora Confessions do not represent Ixora Apartment Management In addition, for any submission deemed inappropriate by the admin, even if it is not mentioned in the rules, the admin reserves the right to delete the confession. Plus, the admin of the confessions holds the absolute authority to delete/censor/ban any posts or comments or any user without further notice. You may directly pm (personal message) your confessions via Facebook too. Your confession will be uploaded anonymously if it is not against all the provisions mentioned above. ***If you think you had been insulted by any post or comment in Ixora Confession, do pm us, and we will take appropriate action on the issue. 除国语外,亦欢迎马来语及英语的留言。如果你想做广告,请在我们的网页上张贴。请先看看我们的资料,然后再招供。 规则如下: 我们将删除您的提交,如果 1. 除行政许可外,用于商业、政治或任何团体的宣传、广告和宣传 2. 重复和无意义的话题 3.剽窃,但不提及出处 4. 内容农场 5. 可能违反Facebook社区标准和马来西亚法律的攻击性内容(例如:有关种族关系和宗教的仇恨言论、欺凌、侵犯隐私、性活动、暴力等) *我们将审查任何与批评有关的个人信息,以避免欺凌。 **请勿滥用本平台提问,请先询问您的长辈/朋友/家人。 ** Ixora Confession不代表Ixora公寓管理层 此外,对于任何被管理员认为不适当的提交,即使在规则中没有提及,管理员保留删除供词的权利。另外,admin的供词拥有绝对的权力删除/审查/禁止任何帖子或评论或任何用户没有进一步的通知。 你也可以通过facebook直接发送你的私人信息。如果不违反上述所有规定,您的供词将被匿名上传。 *如果您觉得有任何帖或留言侵犯到您,请pm我们,我们将采取适当的行动。

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