Welcome to my submission page. This is a page for sharing campus belle and school hunk. Comments on any personal attacks are prohibited. All posts are from a personal perspective only. No WeChat ID expose❗❗❗ 禁止任何含有人身攻击的评论,希望大家共勉之。 所有的po文仅是个人观点。 禁止曝光别人的微信号❗❗❗ Contributors can describe the person's appearance (height, appearance, personality, etc.) and indicate the year of birth, such as 02's or 03's. The contributor may indicate the area in which the person is located, for example, if the person is from Cheras area. You can mention batch or class also.(Its optional) You can mention IG id as well. 投稿者可以描述被投稿者的外貌(身高、长相、性格等等),并且注明出生年份,例如02年或02后。 投稿者可以注明被投稿者的所在地区,例如对方是cheras人。 投稿者可以注明被投稿者的班级或batch。 投稿者可注明IG号。 ✨If you want submit extra photos, you can send the photo to messenger. ✨ ✨如果有想要submit extra的照片的话,可以把照片发给Admin。✨

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